About Us

Hi-Tech Bytes, founded on February 23rd 2011 is owned and operated by Bijoy Chandy.

A New York resident, Bijoy has been both a tech enthusiast as well as a professional tech consultant for the past 10 years.
He loves and lives both the theoretical and practical aspects of technology

Hi-Tech Bytes was founded to provide individuals and small businesses with a competitive edge in the area of personal and professional gadgets, computers and web services.

Our Mission

We would like to keep our clients updated with the latest happenings in the tech world through our blog and Hi-Tech Bytes provides a unique opportunity for individuals and small businesses to work with a single company rather than several when achieving computer and web related goals.

Hi Tech Bytes is interested in building relationships, which is why we've developed a loyal client base over the past several years. We offer a comprehensive array of technical solutions that help businesses optimize and manage their network operations. Hi Tech Bytes will design, implement, monitor, and troubleshoot your network architecture and tailor everything to the requirements of your company.

Please contact Bijoy or Alan with any questions regarding Hi-Tech Bytes by calling 1-212-444-2066 or visiting our contact page.


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